michael’s tarot

The cards of this tarot deck are composed like altar pieces: a great main painting and
underneath a smaller painting called “predella” or “coffin”, as this was the place,
where initially were kept the relics. This form is corresponding to my goal to connect
the message of tarot with Christian faith. The predella always contains biblical scenes
or is illustrating a legend of the saints, accompanied by symbols on both sides. Also
the pattern of the frame is related to the message of the card. On the top of each card
you find a fitting epigraph mostly taken from a Renaissance emblem book. You may
imagine that alone puzzling the right things together was a huge work. The plates
were made in etching and aquatint and the prints later handcolored. This work took
up two years even if the edition was limited to 12 exemplars.
The famous bookbindery Frölich made the very noble suede cassettes.
Unfortunately this deck is no more available    
Fool     Magician
Lovers    High Priestess
Empress     Emperor
Hierophant    Chariot  
Strength    Justice
Hermit    Wheel
Judgement   World
Hanged Man     Temperance
Death     Devil
Moon   Star
Tower   Sun