Views of the Lake Shore
I started this series in the beginning of 2008 and it is growing steadily. After having painted
landscapes in the last years it seemed appealing to transfer this subject into the graphical
structures of etching. Purposely I excluded color which would detract from the effects of
these techniques. I used pure linear etching as well as aquatint. All pieces have the same
size of 6" x 4" and show motifs related to the Milwaukee shore of Lake Michigan and the
adjoining forests. Some motifs are related to existing paintings, others are totally new. All
are printed on high quality RIVES paper with Renaissance black ink. The edition of each
etching is limited to 17 exemplars.
01 Entrance to Winterland
02 Winter's Edge
03 Finis Terrae
04 Frozen Coast
05 Mermaid's Hour
06 Old Warrior
07 Promise
08 Water's Walkway
09 Still Standing
10 Resistance
11 Rising
12 Broken
13 Pond's Mystery
14 Bay of Memories
15 Sprite's Entrance
16 Still in Use
18 Outpost
19 Sentinal
21 Old Breakwaters
22 Willy's Pathway
23 Little Mediterranean
24 Golden Sands
25 Where Elves Dance
26 After the Rain
27 Kept Pathway
28 Secret Path
29 Summer's Coast
30 Misty Morning
31 Foggy Bay
32 Undergrowth
33 Sage Willows
35 Midsummer Night
36  Where Secrets are
38 All has its Time
39 Waiting for Green