This town in the lagoon was always a famous subject for painters, who tried to
catch the bright light like Turner and Monet did. My nightmare’s experiences were
pretty different. I went often to Venice with my colleagues for art related courses in
the Bottega del Tintoretto. I worked there all the day etching, bookbinding or
making frescos. But when dawn arrived and all the tourists left I loved to stroll
through the lanes and that was the Venice I loved most.
Canal Grande II, 1995
Canal Grande I, 1995
Canal Grande III, 1995
Channel with View to the Lagoon, 1995
View over the Roofs, 1997
Old Shipyard, 1995
Side Canal I, 1995
Side Canal II, 1995
Fondamenti Mori, 1995
Old Portal, 1995
Fortification Ruin in the Lagoon I, 1997
Fortification Ruin in the Lagoon II, 1997
Cathedral of Torcello, 1997
Corner beside San Marco, 1997
Palace at Canal Grande, 1995