The Artist
I neither don’t care, how far the item “art” may be defined
nowadays nor what the trend of the art market will be. I’m a
traditional painter and I follow my own path, even if I’m very
interested in other artists’ sometimes very different ways.
Everyone has to develop his personal means to express his
thoughts and feelings. Art is a lifelong task and needs
continuity and patience. Some like van Gogh burn down in a
decade, others like Cézanne reach their maturity after long
times of fighting. Routine is the death of art, every new
painting is a challenge to me.
When I begin a painting I’ve an imagination what I’ll work
out, but there can happen so much during the process of
painting, that the result can look a bit different. Making art is
no mechanism, but an organic development and therefore so
For this reason I never was the right person to do
commissioned work, as the client may have very definite
expectations and my own imaginations can change.
People often think making art is fun. It is indeed, but it is also
connected with concentration and responsibility and
sometimes very exhausting.  All that doesn’t matter however,
as it is my essential. Sounds probably pathetic, but it is like