Tarot Decks

Something about my tarot decks

When I first learned about tarot, it was by a friend, who tried all kinds of esoteric
stuff. Fortune-telling was suspicious to me and so were tarot cards in the beginning
too. But I was fascinated by the ancient symbols they show and began to study the
language of these pictures more intensively. Soon I found out there’s written a lot of
rubbish about the origin of these cards, which initially weren’t made to predict the
future at all, but nevertheless have a deeper archetypal meaning. The result of my
studies was “Michael’s Tarot” as a try to connect tarot with my Christian faith and
not named after me, but the card of Justice showing the archangel Michael
weighting the souls. This deck, only made in an edition of 12 decks, is in the
meantime legend in the scene of tarot collectors, after they’ve laid for years in my
studio and I began to give them away as gifts for jubilees of my friends.
Creating Michael’s Tarot took such a long time and was such a huge work, that I
thereafter felt like a slave of myself and as a reaction created the “tarot pers*” as a
pretty ironical version of the old symbols.
Thereafter I didn’t care much about tarot until I met my wife Susan, who was a
passionate tarot collector and inspired me to continue creating new decks.