Still Lifes
When I have painted compositions out of my imagination for a longer time it’s a
kind of recovery to paint a still life, where all things lay before me in reality and I
have not to think about the forms and colors to be chosen, but only paint, what I
see. At the same time they offer the possibility to control and refresh my sense for
Crab and Books (9.6x11.3), oil on
acrylic, 1999
Preserved Faith (14x18.2), oil on
Part of My Studio (17.6x13 ), oil on
acrylic, 1993
Insects (3.7x3.7), oil on
acrylic, 1986
Still Life with Bat (5.6x8.4), oil on
acrylic, 1993
Snail Shells and Dried Pumpkins
(13x17.6), oil on acrylic, 1993
Hermitage (11.1x14), acrylic, 2004
Easter (17.6x13), oil on acrylic,
Little Watcher, oil
on acrylic, 1986  
Vintage Stuff (13.3x20 ), oil on acrylic,1991
Books and Snail Shells, oil on acrylic,
Thorn Apple (4.3x5), oil on
acrylic, 1986
Magic (4.6x7), oil on acrylic, 1993
Schiller's Apples I (7.2x7.2), acrylic, 2007
Schiller's Apples II (11x8.5),acrylic, 2007