Religious Artwork

A different kind of art

At a first superficial look my designs for alter curtains and glass
windows seem to be different from my painting work, more abstract and
without any illusion of three dimensionality. But this is related to the
qualities of textiles and glass, which demand their own expression.
Making artificial glass windows I learned starting from the bottom in a
three year’s apprenticeship and the laws of textile language I got from
my mother, who once had worked as a weaver. This is the only kind of
art I’m able and willing to make by order.

Most of my alter curtain designs were woven in the Parament Workshop
in Eisenach, the town of St. Elizabeth, Luther and Bach at the foot of
the famous Wartburg. In this workshop they're still able to work in the
traditional techniques of the old days. If you're interested in a visit, click
The Cock, woven altar curtain
The Parish, woven altar curtain
Cross and Star, woven altar curtain
The Conversion of Paul, woven wall curtain
Trinity, glass window