Punch Scenes
In 1986 I made 12 Punch scenes in woodcut. Each piece is made with three plates
(11.6x11.4) and printed on thin Ingres paper (23.7x17.2) in an edition of 20.

Punch in the original sense is no ideal figure or positive example, but a being
with all the human passions, weaknesses, but also the power of love, sympathy
and rebellion. He can be a coward terrified by his own shadow, a self
opinionated person or a dreamer not realizing the danger behind him. Is he,
marching with the soldiers, a fellow traveler or mocking about military? In any
case he doesn’t hold the mirror of truth toward us in an educational intention,
but is a mirror  himself. Do you recognize yourself in some of these prints?
Education (no more available)
Virtual World
In Step
In Love (no more available )
Emanzipation (last exemplar)
My Right!
Take it off too!
High Society