Why I like printing

I once had a discussion with another artist, who was proud, that he only
etches his plates and then gave the dirty work of printing to a company. I
couldn’t agree. The entire process is so exciting, that I won’t miss any part
of it in spite of having black fingernails for a longer time! Rarely the first
result is so satisfying, that there isn’t any effect you could increase. Etching
is thrilling!
I prefer the aquatint technique, as it has a very painting like effect with the
possibility to create some different grey values until the deepest black.
Whereas a common aquatint shows about five different values, I came up to
12 -15. The acid has to be thinned for that purpose so much, that it nearly
has the quality of drink water – kidding!
When I made the plates for Memento Mori, I combined aquatint with
normal etching and began with an open etching with a very strong acid,
which deepened the entire figure, before I went to the details. By this way
the contours got a stronger black border.
Linocuts and woodcuts have a totally different effect, so I like to use these
techniques for motives, which are more expressive than lyrical, especially in
greater sizes.