Here you find some paintings not fitting to the motive groups, as well
singular paintings as small cycles. Sometimes I felt the need to react
with a painting to political events or environmental problems, though I
never believed things could be changed by art.
CARITAS/Love (12x16), oil on
acrylic, 1980
FIDES/Faith (12x16), oil on
SPES/Hope (12x16), oil on acrylic,
FORTITUDO/Strength (12x16), oil
on acrylic, 1980
AVARITIA/Greed (12x16), oil on
acrylic, 1981
IRA/Wrath (12x16), oil on acrylic,
GULA/Gluttony (12x16), oil on
acrylic, 1979
DESIDIA/Lethargy (12x16), oil on
acrylic, 1981
LUXURIA/Lewdness (12x16), oil
on acrylic, 1980
Politics and Society
I know, criticism of daily politics and society isn't my domain, but some times I feel the need to react to
the events happening around me. These paintings I dedicate to the painter Jerg Ratgeb (ca 1475 -
1526). Ratgeb wasn't only a genial artist, but a very social engaged man, not theoretically but in acting.
He risked his career to marry a serf and in the great Peasent War  in 1525 he took the exploited farmers  
party. Though he hadn't hurt any person he was cruelly executed, when the riot was defeated.
Tyranny (17.5x11.7), oil on
acrylic, 1977
In Memoriam Jerg Ratgeb (17.6x13), oil on
acrylic, 1993
Vae Victis (17.5x11.7), oil on
acrylic, 1976
Violence is a permanent problem in our human society not only in the evident form of war and tyranny,
but also as humiliation of women or even in our daily traffic. In Germany the death toll rises extremely on
holiday weekends like Eastern. The precautionary measures against the terror of violence are not always
Mutilation (11.6x9.4), oil on acrylic,
The Egg (17.5x11.6), oil on
acrylic, 1972
Security (11.6x9.4), oil on acrylic,
Sometimes the actual occasions ,
which led to a painting are fading
away like those of the great year
1992. Consumption is related to the
plan of a warehouse chain to
overbuilt a Jewish graveyard
showing a tombstone with the first
Psalm engraved and covered by all
kind of consumption goods.
Consumption (27.6x20), oil on
acrylic, 1991
A Great Year (27.6x20), oil on
acrylic, 1992
Libanese View (11.6x9,4), oil
on acrylic, 1990
The premature Pronouncing of peace
was related to the end of the first Golf
war and unfortunately has remained
rather actual. So violence in the Middle
Premature Proclamation of Peace (20x27,6), oil on acrylic, 1991
The seven virtues and mortal sins
I always loved to paint entire cycles, as I felt attracted to the thought system behind them. (That's by
the way the reason of my later fascination of tarot!). From 1979 to 1981 I painted 14 pieces related to the
7 virtues and mortal sins in a more modern interpretation.