My Bench (12.8x16), acrylic, 2005
Quiet Morning (12.1x14), acrylic,
The Portal (16x20.1), acrylic, 2004
Landsliding (23.7x12.1), acrylic, 2005
Silent day (23.7x12.2), acrylic, 2005
The Harp (12x16), acrylic, 2004
Lake Dragon (12x16), acrylic, 2004
Wild Coast (20.4x14.3),
acrylic, 2005
Thoughts of June (15.9x20), acrylic,
Stony Shore (10.2x12.2), acrylic, 2005
Thunderstorm at Night    
(9.7x11.6), acrylic, 2005
Dull Day (10x13.9),acrylic, 2004
Moon Bridge (12x9).
acrylic, 2004
The Ravine (16x20), acrylic, 2005
The Creek (8.1x10.2),    
acrylic, 2004
Fog (9.1x12), acrylic, 2004
Shore in Fall, acrylic, 2004
Cliff at Cudahy (20.1x24), acrylic, 2004
Trees at the Cliff (11.9x16), acrylic,   
Quiet Evening (18.9x28.9), acrylic, 2004
November (16.1x20.1), acrylic, 2004
Knobbly Trees (17.8x13), acrylic,  
Late Afternoon (15.9x19.9), acrylic, 2005
November Evening (16x20.1), acrylic,
Late Afternoon Light (15.5x25.5), acrylic, 2005
I began relatively late to paint pure landscapes as independent framed works, exactly
since 2004, after I’d come to America.

When I saw for the first time the beauty of the Cudahy Bay shore, I was breath- taken
and knew, this was a very special place! Walking daily through the forest and along the
beach my mind became filled up with such an intensity of impressions, that I in fall
2004 began to paint my first landscape, “The Portal”, and symbolically that became
indeed a portal to landscape painting.

My sense for the symbolic isn’t running short in these motives. To me the sea and the
cliff with strong trees falling down and becoming washed by the water into bizarre
sculptures are astounding symbols of life, death and resurrection.