To bring my extensive painting work into a reasonable system I chose to group
the paintings corresponding to the motives they show. No system is perfect. So
don’t be surprised to discover, now and then, also different techniques in the
motive groups, when the works are fitting there.
There were times, when I did more printing work than painting. The
greatest part is etching, especially aquatint. Later I also liked wood- and
linocut. The hand printed Tarot cards are shown under “Tarot Decks”
and the etchings which I used as a background for painting fall under
“Paintings/Gouache on Etchings”.
Tarot Decks
The Tarot Decks became a group unto themselves, as they all follow the
same playing card system, even if the interpretation can be very
individual. In addition they are more directed to a special group of tarot
interested people.
Religious Artwork
My design for glass windows and altar textiles is the only part of my art
which is commissioned work and developed in cooperation with the
respective parishes. Nevertheless the designs are done with heart blood,
as I love all work related to spiritual symbolic.