Whereas A Nightmare’s Diary, though changed into a dreamlike mood, is always
related to real existing places, the Fantasies are based on things like snail shells or
bird bones, but are getting a new meaning in a changed surrounding or dimension.
Snail shells can blow up to architecture, bones may change to independent beings.
Nevertheless these paintings are coherent in themselves and don’t intend the
absurdity of Surrealism.  
Apparition, 1993
The King, 1993
Storm, 1990
Playing, 1991
Lost World, 1990
Farewell, 1990
Nice View, 1987
Flying, 1991
View, 1987
Medusa, 1993
Nest II, 1993
Nest I, 1993
Three Beauties, 1990
Mussels, 1990
Thoroughfare, 1993
Perspective, 1993
Little Island, 1993