When I’m painting dolls I won’t show them as sweet toys, but as personalities. I
appreciate most antique dolls up to the 50’s, not because of their value as
collectibles, but because of their special doll character, which means to me being
something between a child and a lady and often showing a kind of erotic
appearance, only dolls are possessed of.
Doll for Nasty Children
(13.1x9.7), oil on acrylic,
Dependent (17.7x11.8),
oil on acrylic, 1985
Melpomene (20 x 27.6), Oil on acrylic, 1978
Okay, these first examples aren't quite charming, but they already show my tendency
to a more symbolic background. Melpomene isn't a simple doll still life, but showing
one of the muses, rather neglected as muses sometimes are...
Unalike couple (3.5x3.5),
oil on acrylic, 1993
Do Angels really exist?,
oil on acrylic, 1988
After these paintings I stopped for nearly ten years using dolls as a
subject. Then my interest in dolls was aroused again and I began to
build up a nice collection of models, when I began to paint the 22
Major Arcana of my Doll Tarot (also shown on this website).
Sibylla (27.6x20), oil on acrylic, 1987
In a good Mood (13.5x11.5)
acrylic, 2002
Anna (13.8x9.5), acrylic,
Anna at the shore (27.6x20), acrylic,
Lisa (14.3x11.1), acrylic, 2002
Cindy's Doll (11.1x7.6)
Bay Watchers (27.6x20), acrylic,
Little Bunch I (6x19.7), acrylic, 2004
Little Bunch II (6x19.7), acrylic, 2004
Silent Hour (27.6x20), acrylic, 2003
Sticking Together (10.2x13.9), acrylic,
Cindy (6x6), acrylic, 2004
The Question (9.3x11.8), acrylic,
The Secret (8.5x12), acrylic, 2004
The Riddle (9.4x11.6), acrylic, 2004
Observing Everything (9.5x11.8),
acrylic, 2004
In a Thoughtful Mood (9.5x11.8),
acrylic, 2004
Expectation (13.5x10), acrylic,
She Won't Stand for (8.9x7.9),
acrylic, 2004
Lilith (7.4x7.5), acrylic, 2004
The Prince (11.9x8.4), acrylic,