Doll Tarot

The Doll Tarot is based on a series of oil paintings I made in 2002. Their
message is related to the spirituality of “A Course in Miracles”. That means
that even when I used now and then the traditional images, something
changed into a new sense. The card “The Tower” for example shows on the
first look the light hit tower and to persons falling down. But after a while the
tower may change to a street and the two persons are not pushing off in
despair, but finding each other on their path. The “Hierophant” is not limited
to Christianity alone, but is wearing also signs of other religions, showing there
exist different ways to the same goal. The “Hanged Man” isn’t tied with a rope
at all and his empty eyes symbolize he has traded the common perception of
this world with spiritual knowledge.
We chose a very precious metallic lapislazuli paper to fix the photos on. The
edition is 49 decks.