I discovered the appeal of old cemeteries one day, when I studied at the Academy. I
    was so fascinated, that I forgot time and had in darkness to climb over the wall back,
    as the ports were already closed. When I showed the next morning my pile of drawings
    to my professor, he thought I had become insane. But since that time I was caught by
    the view of old tombstones, graveyard angels, bushes and trees. Where ever I came I
    looked for old cemeteries and enjoyed the melancholy and peaceful mood they gave off
    to me. The well cared parts in their contest of vanity were not so interesting, I preferred
    the more neglected overgrown parts, where nature was taking back the terrain.
Assistens Kirkegaard Copenhagen I, 1990
Assistens Kirkegaard Copenhagen II, 1990
Marup Kierkegaard, Denmark, 1996
Rubjerg Kirkegaard, Denmark, 1996
Chapel Ruin in Hannover, Germany, 2001
Highgate East, London I, 1997
Highgate East, London III, 1997
Highgate East, London II, 1997
Highgate West, London I, 1997
Highgate West, London II, 1997
Highgate West, London IV, 1997
Highgate West, London III, 1997
Highgate West, London V, 1997
Church of Daddington near Oxford, 1997
Cemetery of Daddington near Oxford I, 1997