I like painting books, especially if they’re very old ones with many traces of
use and misuse making their appearance more interesting. I don’t have
negative feelings about their damaged outfit, which makes them for me to
symbols of old wisdom, which survived successfully through the times.

Some have a special meaning to me, as they really survived rain and
snowstorms for years under the war damaged roof of my grandma’s house,
among them an old translation of Homer’s Odyssey from the 16th century. An
antiquary wouldn’t offer a cent for that anymore, but to me it’s precious and
you’ll find this book with its creased cover of pig-skin on many of my

In addition to using them for still lifes I like to arrange them to landscapes or
architecture like I did as a little boy playing on them with cowboy and Indian
Book Mountains (11.3x15.3), oil on
acrylic, 1994
Little Fortification ( 9.6x11.3),
oil on acrylic, 1994
The Border, oil on acrylic, 1994
The Reef, oil on acrylic, 1993   SOLD
Illuminated (9.3x11.6), oil on
acrylic, 1994
Book Portal (9.3x11.6), oil on
acrylic, 1993
The Gap (9.4x11.6), oil on
acrylic, 1994
The Wall (11.6x17.5), oil on acrylic,
Book Cape (20x27.6), oil on acrylic, 1998
The Shelter (9.5x11.4), oil on
acrylic, 1993
The Tower (18.1x14), oil on
acrylic, 1994
Old Knowledge (11.5x14.5),
acrylic, 2004
Border of Wisdom (9.4x11.6),
oil on acrylic, 1993